Why eKomi

eKomi – The Feedback Company is Europe’s largest independent provider of transaction-based customer reviews and ratings. More than 10,000 companies are leveraging eKomi’s cloud-based social commerce platform to increase sales, reduce returns and drive organic traffic through self-perpetuating User Generated Content (UGC).

71% of all online customers read customer reviews,
77% of them are influenced by customer reviews.

(Forrester & Jupiter Research)

... the advantages of using eKomi:

  • 1. Use reviews to increase your conversion rate
    Before potential customers decide to buy, they want to be sure the product will actually be delivered after payment and they want to know what the after sales service is like. Companies can build trust with certificates and awards but the most efficient way is through authentic customer reviews. The eKomi 5-star review system helps to increase your conversion rate. One of the biggest pharmacies in Germany said: “We have increased our customer conversions from 12% to 14.5% since we started using eKomi. (Joachim Dadaniak, Head marketing, Mail Order Apotal).

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  • 2. Gain more customers with Google Product integration
    Google is one of the main drivers of customer traffic to online retailers, so it is important to be listed within Google. Working in partnership with Google, eKomi’s independent reviews are integrated within Google Product listings. Using eKomi's social commerce technology, reviews aren't just collected, they are used to increase traffic and add customers.

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  • 3. Get more visitors with search engine optimized user generated content
    The goal of every online marketer is to generate high quality content directly from satisfied customers in the form of recommendations and reviews. eKomi delivers a professional and proactive review gathering system which is quick and easy to manage. eKomi's APIs are directly integrated into Google products, which helps online shops climb the Google ranking ladder.

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  • 4. Fuller shopping carts
    When customers trust an online shop, they are far more likely to buy instinctively and with confidence. Studies have proven that prices are less important when authentic customer reviews and ratings are shown. The fact is that customers trust other customers far more than advertising or celebrity endorsements.

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  • 5. Increased turnover through process optimization and quality assurance
    With eKomi reviews, online shops can gather important information and useful suggestions. This enables online shops to optimise their business processes. When using the eKomi platform, online shops understand what their customers want, which enables them to respond to changes in the market. Key statistics and management tools are easily accessible through the eKomi UI, and will soon be accessible from a mobile device. These statistics show the quality level of the online shop, based on customer service, products, website functionality and the general usability of the shop. In recognition of this functionality, eKomi was awarded the “Innovation Prize 2010” by the Frauenhofer Institute.

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  • 6. Satisfied customers are the best sales people
    Facebook has over 500 million users and Twitter has over 100 million users. These powerful communication channels provide an excellent opportunity for online shops to spread positive reviews across key social media. More and more companies are starting to understand the importance of social commerce. eKomi provides a social recommendation feature at no extra cost. This unique feature will spread customer reviews to a potentially huge audience.

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    through social commerce

  • 55 percent of potential customers search for price and product information. Reviews influence a potential customer's buying decision.

    (Source: Bitkom.org Study, March 2010)

  • 7. Protected against malicious reviews spread over the Web
    Professional online retailers know how important a good online reputation is. There are portals on the internet where customers can publish unjustified negative reviews, but when using eKomi, customers leave reviews onsite and not offsite. Furthermore, most negative reviews are actually caused by a lack of communication or a misunderstanding. eKomi encourages communication between the buyer and seller through a private arbitration process where most issues are resolved amicably. This enables the online shop to satisfy their unsatisfied customers, and protect themselves against these negative reviews being spread over the Web.

    Gather customer reviews while protecting yourself against negative reviews spread over the internet

How does eKomi work?
Ekomi offers innovative SaaS software which is easy to implement. Customer and product reviews are gathered, and these reviews are published by eKomi’s professional review team. These reviews are then integrated directly within the website. Customer reviews can be displayed via a widget, along with an overall score and stars. Product reviews are directly shown on the product page in order to increase the conversion rate and SEO. Real time statistics are available in the customer login area or through the iPhone application (coming soon).

A customer buys a product
Customer gives a review
eKomi's review team releases the review
Potential customers
Satisfied customer
The review is published
Real-time statistics
Customers advertise to new customers


Scientific studies regarding customer reviews
In a study of 2000 customers, 92% thought that reviews are very helpful..
(eTailing Group)

63% of customers prefer to buy from an online shop with ratings and reviews.
(CompUSA & iPerceptions Studie)

Only 26% of the 137 largest retailers surveyed offer reviews for their potential customers, but 96% of them say from personal experience that customer reviews are an effective or very effective method to turn visitors into customer.

Reviews increase purchase satisfaction by 21% and customer retention by 18%.
(Foresee Results Study, January 2007)

91% of the participants in this study named customer-generated content as the most important factor in their purchasing decision.
(JC Williams Group, 2006)

71% of online customers read reviews, 77% let their buying decision be influence by the reviews.
(Forrester & Jupiter Research)

91% of customers think that being able to rate the delivery process is “important” or “very Important”.
(eKomi.de - Survey with 2000 participants)

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